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Meeting like minded people on the Internet is great fun, and you will certainly find more possible partners than you would in your everyday activities. But there are a few tips and tricks worth remembering to ensure you make the most of the opportunities without putting yourself in difficult situations. We suggest you have a read through the following as a start, and if you have any questions at any time please just click on contact and send us a message Ė we are here to help make this a good experience for you.

Reality check
Getting to know someone online can be great fun, and the imagination can run at little wild thinking about all the possibilities. A few details, or interesting stories and chats can seem to paint a marvellous picture of someone ideally suited to you. But take a reality check before you go too far. A picture in your mind might not match the reality, so we always encourage our members to build on initial contact made through the website by arranging to talk on the phone sooner rather than later, and to arrange a meeting when you are ready.

Thatís not to say that you should rush into phoning, or meeting people until you feel the time is right, but just a warning that you can postpone it for longer than can be ideal.

And, remember itís always OK to say no, and to stop the contact if you feel someone isnít the right person for you.

Your words paint a picture
The few brief words that you use to describe your self is all that others have to go on when they decide whether they want to make contact. So itís worth spending a little time on thinking through the way you describe yourself. Any entry is better than none, but the more interesting you can make it the greater your chance of attracting the right response. Time spent in this area will definitely be worthwhile, and donít forget you can always change the description if you are not seeing the response level you would like.

Photos make a difference
Make sure you upload at least three photos if possible. People with photos always achieve a better response rate than those without. If you canít upload or donít know how to do it, please use an alternative method Ė just email your pictures to us as attachments or put them in the post. Photos really make a difference to your success rate, so make it a priority to include them with your profile.

Blind Dates

Meeting a potential partner for the first time can be a thrilling experience, but itís important to take precautions as well. Always meet in a public place and limit your first date to an hour or two. Make sure someone knows where you are meeting, and bring a mobile phone with you. It can often be a good idea to arrange the meeting at an event of common interest Ė this will enable you to join in, and settle down with one another. Remember you donít need to ask every question at the first meeting Ė take things slowly and let the relationship develop over time. If you are right for each other there will be plenty of time to get to know each other.

If you are contacted by someone, think before replying. Read their profile and respond with a comment about them that interests you. Try to make a good first impression but donít go over the top.
Even if youíre not interested, do reply. If someone has made the effort to contact you, even if you are not interested then at least let them down gently. A gentle let down is much better than being ignored.

meet your perfect partner

Be persistent

You are not likely to meet the love of your life on your first date, so donít expect too much, and have the confidence to be honest if the person you meet is not right for you. Equally if your date says they do not want to meet again, just accept it. No one should be disappointed or feel guilty. Just part on friendly terms, and remember there are many more potential people for you to meet through this website.

Join in the discussions on the Forum. This is a great way of getting to know people. Your personality will show itself by your responses and comments, and itís a less high pressure way of making friends.

Upgrade your membership
Become a fully participating member by taking out a subscription. You can then make contact with other members, and it gives you full access to all the siteís functions.

Give us feedback
Let us know what you think of our website, and how you get on with the site and potential matches. We are here to help. We want to know about your successes (and problems if you have any), and we want to improve the site so that it gives you what you are looking for.

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